Iskustvo sa Erasmus razmjene u Sloveniji

Prenesimo vam još jedno odlično iskustvo sa razmjene mladih From Grey to Green održanoj u Sloveniji.

Naši predstavnici Bernarda, Ulla, Blanka, Ivan i Borna sudjelovali su u edukaciji koju je organizirao Zavod Veles i čiji je cilj bio motivirati sudionike za izgradnju otpornih zajednica i kulture regeneracije. Edukaciju su provodili iskusni permakulturni dizajneri i ideja je bila da sudionike upoznaju sa četiri dimenzije održivosti (ekološka, ekonomska, društvena i kuturna) i kako se ove dimenzije isprepleću kada želimo holistički pristupiti problemu održivosti i regeneracije.

Osim učenja i razmjene iskustava sigurni smo da su se sudionici i dobro zabavljali a i razmjenjivali recepte tijekom svakodnevnih priprema obroka. 🥘

U nastavku možete pročitati dojmove koje je napisala naša predstavnica Ulla Antolos:

“This youth exchange meant a world to me. I remember at one moment I spontaneously dissociated from being emerged into the activity into just witnessing the moment, and I felt such a belonging to a community that is far wider than my own local one. I could say that I felt gratitude and, somewhat, a disbelief, that this broader community of Europe actually wants, supports and makes possible for us youngsters to gather around such topics as sustainability, alternative livelihood, taking care of each other, ourselves, and all the other living beings around us. I felt a deeper belonging to this old continent that somewhere in its core really has the courage to rethink its own fundaments, and seeks ways to change graciously, in spirit of common sense and human compassion. The project itself was very thoroughly thought through, super organised with a healthy balance of learning, working, energising, relaxing, connecting. I felt that all the facilitators were strong and experienced space holders, yet that we were all a community of equals where expressing our own opinions and needs is welcomed and needed for cocreation of the space.

The venue was perfect, too: a big naturally-built wooden house surrounded by meadows and the forest. The food and the cook were simply divine, and I will always remember our moments in free time or open space singing, dancing, playing, creating together.

What I specifically brought home from this particular project are connections that I still joyfully cultivate: both with new friends and networks with which I will for sure engage in the future, expanding this experience and helping this movement of creating a sustainable and joyful culture to spread out to as many people as possible, especially for those who crave this information, experience and connection as much as I do. It’s been a month and two days since I arrived to the projects, and my gratitude is still pulsating, my heart still warm with the echo of what we did together.”